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Countrywide Commercial and Industrial Coatings
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The UK's Leading Industrial Coating Company

Providing exceptional industrial coating services to a wide range of companies across the whole of the UK.

Is your industrial property looking worse for wear? Improve the look and longevity of the building with industrial coatings, designed to protect buildings from the elements, as well as from constant usage. Industrial buildings are used frequently, whether as unloading or offloading stations, or storage units, and this causes the outside of the property to become discoloured, the paint to chip and for it to get weathered. With Countrywide Industrial and Commercial's industrial coating service, we ensure that all areas in frequent use are properly painted and protected, leaving little room for wear and tear.

If you would like to learn more about our industrial coating services for your UK-based business, call today on 01634 719321, or visit our contact form to send us a message and arrange your free, no obligation quotation and site survey at your convenience.

Industrial coating services to transform your business

We use anti slip industrial coatings and floor coatings to ensure safety for all of our industrial customers. Perfect for large areas that are frequently used, our industrial coatings prevent slippage when walking on the floor, or moving items across the floor. This means that there will be maximum protection against potential dangers while you work for both you, your employees, and any visitors to your business. Our anti slip industrial coatings are versatile and create a perfect seal on your floor, making it UV resistant and stronger in areas with high levels of foot traffic.

Applications of our anti slip industrial coatings are used for a variety of applications including decks of boats, steps, ramps, building entrances, warehouses, industrial kitchens, warehouses and pick-up truck flat beds.

Professional industrial coating services for UK-based businesses

Based in Rochester, we offer our industrial coating services to customers across the whole of the UK, including areas such as Dartford, Newcastle, Ashford, Nottingham, Cardiff, Gravesend, Liverpool, Glasgow, Leicester, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh, Oxford, Manchester, Cambridge and London.

To find out more about our industrial coating services and to discuss your requirements, then call us today on 01634 719321, or get in touch with us through our contact page. Speak with one of our industrial coating experts today and arrange your free, no obligation quotation and site survey at your convenience.

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